“Million destination of the world” is a Travel services and Tourism Company which was established in Tehran 2016, license code: 952/126/11970 at Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran with the goal of working in the fields of inbound and outbound tourism.
An important feature of this company is the motivated and young employees but also experienced and specialist working alongside experts in tourism industry.
“The Million Destination” in 2017 decided to register a travel and tourism service in Melbourne, Australia. The purpose of this company's registration is to establish for the first time an easy way between the travelers' demands and the travel services in Iran.
In order to achieve this goal, the online services with this trade brand and address: www.easygoiran.com established. Travelers can pay through international banks using the major credit cards such as Visa and Master Card. In the past, it was not possible for foreign travelers to choose and book on line their own travel itineraries and services.
In EasyGo Iran, one applicant can easily obtain the information that is necessary to travel to Iran. Classified and understandable subjects including requirements, proper information about customs, clothing, foods, planning itineraries, sightseeing, tourist attractions, Dos and Don'ts and all the useful information in the site, give travelers advantage to travel to Iran with acknowledgment and insight.
Summary of the activities of this site:

    1. Accommodation and Eco lodge booking
        • The possibility to check the prices and hotel & hotel apartments facilities and amenities in main cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Kerman, Yazd, Kashan, Qeshm, and Kish and eco lodge in villages and smaller towns such as Jandag, Bam and etc.
        • Classification of room types based on single room, Double/Twin room, triple room or Double + extra service or suites or other types of rooms depending on hotel.

      *** availabilities are based on request rates and will be confirmed during two business days
      After confirmation, an invoice will be sent to the traveler to make payments in short period and receive the voucher. All this process are done via email and online system.

    2. Domestic flights in Iran
          • Ability to check the price and flight time of Iran's domestic flights in the main cities on Mahan Airlines and Iran Air

      *** availabilities are based on request rates and will be confirmed during two business days

    3. Transportations
          • Transfer from Airport to hotel vs. in main cities
          • Transfer from Airport to other cities such as Imam Khomeini Airport to Isfahan, Kashan, etc.
          • Transfer from Imam Khomeini Airport to Mehrabad Airport
          • Transfer between cities like Shiraz, Yazd, Kashan to Isfahan and etc.
          • Ability to book a private tour guide and transfer for appointments for one day

      * In some cities, transfer services will perform with cars or vans (standard and premium).


    4. Tours, activities and excursions
          • A 2-day or more tours are various programs such as cultural tours, eco tours, adventures such as off-road, Ski, diving and etc.
          • Schedule daily, weekly or special events tour such as Iranian festivals, exhibitions, etc.
          • A one-day program or special tours such as Iranian cuisine, traditional educational workshops such as making pottery with mud clay, etc.
          • Reserve table in restaurants with the ability to manage custom and preset menu.

      * These online services facilities are available in the site and Customer can choose it on calendar and will deliver as a voucher during two business days.

    5. Apply visa
        • applying for a tourist visa code in Iran and completing the form and paying the visa code fee via credit card.
    6. Receiving Requests beyond our online products
        • It is possible to ask any requests that does not exist on via online services, such as booking the hall and conference room, holding events and special Performances.
    7. Travel information
        • Access to general and perfect information about sights and tourism attractions in Iran
        • Weather information
        • Do's and Don'ts in Iran
        • Introduce Iranian cuisine and different festivals in Iran
        • Various articles about different customs and ethnic groups in Iran
        • Ability to plan your own trip to Iran

In the near future, we will provide travel insurance to Iran and Tourism SIM cards will be added to the services.

Our colleagues at EasyGoIran are online via online chat on the site or email and phone for consultation and guidance to respond to applicants and for those who has vouchers they are available 24 hours a day.

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